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Technologies series

Complementing our macro analysis, this series looks in detail at a range of important new technologies and their likely effects, both at the micro and at the macro levels.

Disruption from new and emerging technologies, particularly as they combine more and more with established capabilities in unexpected ways, is increasingly pervasive, both at the micro and macro levels. Business models will be redefined, new ecosystems will develop, new partnership dynamics will be created, and whole competitive landscapes will change.

There will be the winners; and losers: it is vital to understand the opportunities and threats that these technologies are bringing. For more information on our Technologies research, download our introductory piece: Technology series - Eat, be eaten, or die - Jul 2018

​There are three types of publications in the series:


  • Multi-page macroeconomic pieces
    Multi-page macroeconomic pieces that analyse the implications of individual, or groups of, technologies for economic and financial market performance and policy.

  • 1-page Fact sheets
    Describes how each technology works; its likely applications; and principal implications and issues that each raises.

  • Multi-page pieces
    Multi-page pieces that examine in depth the development and implication of a subset of technologies – generally the so-called ‘enabling technologies’ – that will pervade substantial parts of the economic system and transform whole swathes of activities.

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