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A 1-3-page weekly publication which identifies and analyses ‒ early ‒ major drivers of forthcoming economic and market outcomes. These drivers include not only the purely macroeconomic, but also policy, technological, demographic, and climatological influences, that stand to have significant implications, whether fairly immediately or over a run of years, for markets, investors, and businesses. Particular attention is paid to risk, and hence developments to watch for.

  • Road map to regime change (23 March 2016), view

  • Taylor-made monetary policy (12 May 2016), view

  • Oil stocks must go (17 May 2016), view

  • Rethinking the central bank’s mandate (31 May 2016)view

  • UK Road map to recession and beyond (13 July 2016), view

  • Exploring the boundaries of greater fiscal activism (21 September 2016), view

Global letter

A succinct (1-page) monthly publication, which focuses on a major theme of global significance ‒ economic, demographic, environmental, technological. The Global Letter seeks to be thought-provoking and strategic. 

  • Brexit two months on (31 August 2016), view

  • The Swiss model is a myth (5 September 2016), view

Economic Risks

A 3-4-page monthly publication which aims to identify – early – key economic, policy, and political risks which would affect the outlook 3-12 months ahead. Risks concentrates on areas where we consider there are strong grounds for challenging consensus thinking. 

  • Economic Risks, August 2016, view


A piece which generally concentrates on a single topic, examined in particular depth, and hence somewhat longer than our signature Comment pieces.

  • Long live the technology revolution (April 2016), view

  • Time to get fiscal: bridging the UK's infrastructure gap (March 2016), view


A short Postcard, generally following a visit, giving impressions that typically extend beyond the purely economic, often seeking to capture also the political and social mood.

  • Postcard from Greece (September 2016), view

  • Postcard from Turkey (October 2015), view

For price information please contact Lavinia Santovetti:

+44 (0)20 7213 0300;

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