Studies and Major Studies

Studies (20-50 pages) and Major studies (50+ pages) are commissioned by clients interested in extended research and analysis. Each Study is supplied with a Slide Pack, which is useful for presenting to a wider audience.

Foundations for Growth: Infrastructure Investment in Emerging Markets, Russell Jones and Camille Viros

The Changing Face of Latin America, Ben Combes and Rose Ferrer

The influence of DB pensions on the market valuation of the Pension Plan Sponsor (Richardson & Larcher, 2014)

Financing Europe's investment and economic growth Russell Jones, Bimal Dharmasena and John Llewellyn

The changing face of Africa John Llewellyn, Ben Combes and Preston Llewellyn, with Puma Energy, 2013

The changing face of Asia Russell Jones, John Llewellyn, and Preston Llewellyn, with Puma Energy, 2014

UK infrastructure: The challenges for investors and policymakers Russell Jones and John Llewellyn, with Pension Insurance Corporation, 2013

The changing face of the oil industry John Llewellyn, Betsy Hansen and Preston Llewellyn, with Puma Energy, 2013

Sustainable Impact Investing - Investment Rationale: Ageing Populations, with aeris Capital AG, 2012 (please contact aeris Capital AG for availability)

The Political Economy of Climate Change Mitigation Policies: How to Build a Constituency to Address Global Warming (with Alain de Serres) for the OECD, 2011

Europe will work John Llewellyn and Peter Westaway for Nomura, 2011

The Ascent of Asia (with Lavinia Santovetti) for Nomura, 2010

Conditions for Growth What governments can do to promote long-term growth (with Bimal Dharmasena) for the CPS, 2010

The Business of Ageing (with Camille Chaix-Viros) for Nomura, 2009

The Business of Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities (with Julia Giese and Camille Chaix) for Lehman Brothers, 2007

The Business of Climate Change II (with Camille Chaix) for Lehman Brothers, 2007

India: Everything to play for (with Rob Subbaraman, Alastair Newton, and Sonal Varma) for Lehman Brothers, 2007

Prospects for Iraq: Some Lessons from History (with John Dew) for Lehman Brothers, 2004*