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Soyon Park

Soyon Park, Research Economist 


Soyon forms part of the core team, working on the company’s regular macroeconomic research, with a focus on the UK, Euro area, and on thematic analysis. She also contributes to the company’s bespoke research projects, across a range of subject areas. Soyon is currently studying part time for a specialist Master’s degree in Risk, Disaster, and Resilience at University College London (UCL).

Prior to joining the team, Soyon worked at the University of Sussex and InterAnalysis, where she gained her initial experience in research, data analysis, and quantitative research. Her work focused on the economics of sports, international trade, and digital marketing. Soyon helped to develop controlled digital cognitive experiments investigating online advertising and consumer attention. And, at InterAnalysis, she assisted with data analysis for international trade economics, and helped to develop training materials for Pakistani officials.​

​​Soyon holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Sussex.

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