Silja Sepping

Senior Economist - Prior to joining Llewellyn Consulting, Silja was a Senior Investment Analyst at GLC Global Macro hedge fund where she was responsible for macroeconomic research and market analysis, with a primary focus on emerging markets and FX. Silja’s role included the development of macro models, presenting the Fund to clients, and presenting market views through the investor podcast. Before that, Silja worked for Lehman Brothers as an Emerging Markets Economist, focusing on Central and Eastern Europe. While at the bank Silja was responsible for macroeconomic forecasts and market analysis, leading meetings with the region’s policymakers, speaking with journalists, and contributing regularly to the weekly and monthly publications.

Silja holds a first class honours degree in Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and has a Master’s degree in Economics from Stockholm School of Economics.