Our products and services

Clients’ needs differ, as do the types and level of service they require. Some are interested in receiving our subscription-based products only, others require additional services. Sometimes deeper, bespoke analysis is what is required, at other times strategic advice is needed, or the hosting of an event. Some clients particularly value having standby-access to a trusted team outside their organisation, familiar with its operation and needs.


Our products and services are listed below. For more detailed information, please click on the left- hand menu.

  Economics Risks   |    Global Letter   |   Comment   |   MacroPlus Comment

Notes   |   Papers   |   Studies     Major studies

Roundtables   |   Dinners   |   Conferences     Chairmanship   |   Moderation   |   Board membership  |   

Strategic advice   |   Thought leadership

Developing cases  |   Advising in legal disputes    Expert opinion, briefings and reports      

Court appearance    

Our packages

We generally work on a retainer basis. This enables us to plan resources optimally, and to meet client-specific needs effectively.


Each relationship is bespoke, tailored to meet specific requirements. The table below is included simply as a guide, to serve as a basis for discussion.


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