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Research Note or Paper

Research Notes or Papers may be initiated by our clients, or by us. Notes are short, generally 1-5-pages, Papers are more substantial, usually 5-20-pages. Notes generally consider issues on which we have either been working already, or can quickly assemble the relevant material. Papers, being more substantial, take somewhat longer. Papers are typically supplied with a Slide Pack, which is useful for presenting to a wider audience.

Links to publications
  • Oil: cheap at half the price (January 2014), view

  • Financing European growth: The challenge for markets, policy-makers; for AFME (August 2012), view

  • Europe series: The significance of Japan’s $60bn pledge (April 2012), view

  • The 'Rule of Four' (March 2012), view

  • Europe: reassessing the medium term (March 2012), view

  • Italy’s fiscal position: a surmountable challenge; in collaboration with Penrich Capital (February 2012), view

  • Private equity in Europe: a constructive outlook in turbulent times; for Permira (January 2012), view

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