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In the media

Press - a selection

  • Financial Times. Plender, J. (5 Jun 2019), Emerging markets are the victims of a retreat from multilateralism. Link

  • The Guardian. Elliott, L. (19 May 2019), It will take another crisis for governments to step up to the spending plate. Link

  • Financial Times. Davies, G. (28 Apr 2019), What you need to know about modern monetary theory. Link

  • Financial Times. Fleming, S. and Giles, C. (25 Apr 2019), Why America is learning to love budget deficits. Link

  • The National. Corkery, C. (13 Aug 2018), British pound's ill-health shows UK suffering a Brexit relapse. Link

  • The Telegraph. Samuel, J. (12 Mar 2018), US industry’s golden era is over and a trade war will not bring it back. Link

  • The Guardian. Keegan, W. (23 Apr 2017), A hasty election before Britain sees the hard truth of Brexit. Link

  • The Economist (1 Mar 2017), How quickly will the Federal Reserve tighten? Link

  • Financial Times. Llewellyn, J. (15 Dec 2016), Forecasters use their expertise to help us shape our daily lives. Link

  • The Guardian. Keegan, W. (4 Sep 2016), Brexit is truly daunting: this is the biggest crisis I have known. Link 

  • The Wall Street Journal. Fidler, S. (21 Jul 2016), Why Britain’s Path to Free Trade Won’t Be Smooth. Link 

  • The Guardian. Keegan, W. (1 May 2016), Devaluation is a dangerous game. But Britain may have to try it. Link 

  • Le Courrier Financier (28 Apr 2016), Le niveau de vie des Français est inférieur à la moyenne européenne. Link

  • The Wall Street Journal (Blog). Sussman, A. L. (17 Feb 2016), Belgium treats its new parents like Facebook employees. Link

  • Financial Times. Stephens, P. (11 Feb 2016), The petrodollar age is no more – but with it go old certainties. Link

Visual and audio 
  • Aljazeera, Remembering the global financial crisis, 10 years on, Russell Jones, 15 September 2018. Video

  • Speevr, AI Impact on the Global Economy, John Llewellyn, 16 August 2018, Video

  • Aljazeera, Trade wars: Counting the cost of Trump's tariff plan, Russell Jones, 10 March 2018. Video

  • Aljazeera, Assessing Donald Trump's budget proposal, Russell Jones, 18 March 2017. Video

  • Aljazeera, Brexit fallout: The global economic impact, Russell Jones, 9 July 2016. Video

  • Coller Capital, Semi-Annual AGM, John Llewellyn, 7 April 2016. Video

  • Swiss Finance Council, The EU and its Partners, John Llewellyn, Brussels, February 2015. Video 

  • The Marshall Society, Forecasting in Times of Economic Uncertainty, John Llewellyn, Cambridge, February 2015. Video

  • Talking Economics, Russell Jones and Professor David Myddelton, London, November 2014. Podcast.

  • 10 Minutes With, Meet Dr. John Llewellyn, London, November 2014. Video.

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