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Well-researched tightly-edited regular pieces on themes and issues of current or prospective national, regional, or global significance, extending beyond high frequency commentary, these often challenge consensus thinking.

World View

World View sets out, in 1 concise page, our judgements, generally in qualitative terms, of the likely behaviour over the coming 12 months or so, of the current principal drivers of the world economy, and the prospects for the key economic and market variables of concern to investors and firms.  It also lists the most important developments to watch for to see if economies and markets are, or are not, evolving as expected. The evidence on which these judgements are based is set out as comprehensive endnotes. (Occasional.)

Key Developments &

Chart of the week

Key Developments presents, in 1 concise page, what, in our judgement, represent the past week’s most important individual data, policy, or other developments. They are selected because they best reveal the extent to which our understanding of the most important relationships remains sound. 

A Chart of the week that bears on one of the most important issues is also presented (Weekly.)

Economic Risks 

A tight, 1-page, monthly publication which points up key economic, policy, and political risks that will affect the near-term outlook, generally 3-12 months ahead. Risks concentrates on areas where we consider there are strong grounds for challenging consensus thinking. (Monthly, 12 per year.)

Economic risks - Aug 2019


A 1-2-page publication which identifies and analyses   ̶̶  early  ̶  major drivers of forthcoming economic and market outcomes. These drivers include not only the purely macroeconomic, but also policy, technological, demographic, and climatological influences, that stand to have significant implications, whether fairly immediately or over a run of years, for markets, investors, and businesses. Particular attention is paid to risk, and hence developments to watch for. (30-odd per year.)
Macro series - MMT - new wine in old bottles - Apr 2019

Global Letter

A succinct, generally monthly, 1-page publication, which focuses on a major theme of global significance. The Global Letter seeks to be thought-provoking and strategic. (10-odd per year.)
Macro series - Global Letter - Length of recessions  - 7 May 2020

Macro series - Global Letter - Our reference G7 multi-year GDP outlook - August 2020


Pieces which generally concentrate on a single topic, examined in particular depth, and hence somewhat longer than our signature Comment pieces. (Occasional.)
Macro series - Focus - Monetary Psychosis - March 2019


A short, usually 1-page, piece generally following a visit, giving impressions that typically extend beyond the purely economic, often seeking to capture also the political and social mood.
Postcard - Greece - a long awaited revival - September 2019

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