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Global Letter

A succinct (1-page) monthly subscription-based publication, which focuses on a major macro theme of global significance ‒ economic, demographic, environmental, technological. The Global Letter, which seeks to be thought-provoking, is aimed particularly at people taking strategic decisions. 

In 2013 we resurrected the Global Letter, which John Llewellyn started in 1996 when he became Global Chief Economist at Lehman Brothers. The Global Letter appeared at the beginning of every Lehman Brothers Global Weekly Economic Monitor. John continued to write them every week until January 2006 (when he became Senior Policy Adviser). 

Global Letters are sent to clients, and uploaded with a three month lag. Some samples from the Lehman Brothers’ days are archived below.

Links to publications
  • Radical changes in the US (January 2013), view

  • A selection from the Lehman Brothers days, view

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