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Events and other services

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  • Participation in, or hosting of, client events: whether a roundtable, dinner, conference, or other, and whether internally to the firm, or involving our clients’ clients. 

  • Chairmanship and moderation

  • Board membership/attendance

  • Strategic advice

  • Thought leadership


A menu of available ‘off the shelf’ talks/topics is included below. Other topics, including bespoke, are also available. [update the text below once the ‘Menu of talks’ has been finalised]

1. Macroeconomic issues which keep me awake at night 

Growth  |   Europe  |   Debt   |   Labour markets  |   Asia   |   Structural reform

2. Macroeconomic drivers

Growth and development   |   Technological revolution   |   Demographics  |  Climatic changes  |  Debt

3. Five key policy dimensions of sustainability 

Coal & fossil fuels  |   Urbanisation & air pollution   |   Demographics & tax  |   Deficits & debt   |  

Middle-income trap

4. The world in 2020

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5. Macroeconomic drivers

List the component parts

6. Ageing population

Coal & fossil fuels  |   Urbanisation & air pollution  |   Demographics & tax 

7. Infrastructure

List the component parts

8. Debt

List the component parts

9. Japan

List the component parts

10. Asia

List the component parts

11. Latin America

List the component parts

Other topics, including bespoke, are also available. 

The event is often organised by the client, but can equally be organised by us, e.g. at the Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall. 

Click here for the Menu of talks in PDF form.

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