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Economic Risks

A 3-4-page monthly subscription-based publication which aims to identify – early – key economic, policy, and political risks which would affect the outlook 3-12 months ahead. Risks concentrates on areas where we consider there are strong grounds for challenging consensus thinking. 


It has been designed particularly for the post-2008 era, in which risk has returned to the fore; macroeconomic forces, including policy, have regained importance; uncertainty, and thereby risk, extends to the most basic issues; valuation or asset-allocation models have become correspondingly uncertain.

Risks Analysis Team

The team has a breadth of experience in economic and financial forecasting and analysis, gained in the OECD, the World Bank, the EBRD, Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, and in asset management. Our associates are part of the team. We supplement this in-house expertise with frequent discussions with senior policymakers and decision makers. For further detail, including on our method, please see our Sources and Methods document.

A complete set of our Risks publications is available below. These publications, which are sent to clients, are uploaded with a three month lag.

Links to publications
  • December 2012, view

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