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Dr Peter Holmes

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Peter Holmes. Associate, UK

Based in Sussex, Dr. Holmes is a Fellow of the UK Trade Policy Observatory at the University of Sussex, and a director of InterAnalysis, a spinoff company of the University of Sussex that produces TradeSift software for analysing trade data and trade policy. 

Peter taught economics at the University of Sussex from 1974 to 2020, and is a visiting teacher at the College of Europe. He specialises in Brexit and EU and WTO affairs. He is interested in, and has written widely on, the relationship among the complex of policies on trade, competition, and regulation, including border carbon adjustments and software IP, as well as broader issues of regional economic integration. 

He has collaborated with lawyers and political scientists; has given evidence on numerous occasions to parliamentary committees; and has written reports for the European Commission, UNCTAD, and the World Bank. He has been involved in training work for the government in the UK and also in South Asia, Africa, and Central Europe. He is regularly interviewed by UK and international press outlets. 

Peter holds a BA and PhD from the University of Cambridge.

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