About us

Llewellyn Consulting is an independent economics advisory firm, based in the City of London. We provide high-level bespoke services to a strictly-limited number of clients. We specialise in macroeconomic, policy, and political issues. We look at macroeconomics in the broad, from the top-down, with a particular emphasis on policy, so as to determine the economic and market implications that flow not only from contemporary events, but also from longer-term drivers. 

We operate with a core team and an extensive network of associates, recognised experts, and strategic business partners, who work with us project-by-project. We are thereby responsive, and able to accommodate diverse concurrent projects. 

We communicate in plain clear English, aiming at the highest levels of clarity and precision. We take full responsibility for the quality of our output. We are used to working with in-house teams, and set the highest store by total trust, discretion and confidentiality. 


Our practice areas
  • Global Macroeconomics

  • Regional economic issues

  • Economic Policy 

  • Finance and investment 

  • Infrastructure

  • Energy and land use 

  • Climate change 

  • Ageing and demographics 



For more, including to see examples of our work, please see our practices areas pages.

Our specialisation
  • Thought leadership

  • Strategic advice

  • Litigation support

  • Expert witness

  • Unbiased, and uncorrelated, research

  • Risk analysis

  • Strategic analysis, including ‘watch for’ signals

  • Forecasting, projections, and scenario analysis

  • Developing frameworks to join top-down with bottom-up analysis

Our distinguishing features
  • A broader and longer term perspective than typically offered by City economists.

  • Strong connections with senior policymakers and decision makers.

  • Involvement of our senior people throughout all projects.

  • Experience in working constructively with in-house teams.

  • Communication in plain, clear English.

  • Total trust, discretion, and confidentiality.

Our philsophy
  • We build long-term relationships with a deliberately-limited number of clients.

  • We do not overburden our clients.

  • We listen to our clients, and deliver what they ask for.

  • We generally work on a retainer basis.

Our clients
  • Our clients span the financial services sector, government, and industry

Latest news
  • Russell Jones and Professor David Myddelton, Chairman of the IEA, joined John Mills to discuss the latest economic headlines. The discussion ranged from whether Abenomics is needed in Europe, to the October 2014 market volatility, and to London house prices.






  • An interview by 10 Minutes With – an innovative global career matchmaking platform built for graduates – which draws on John Llewellyn’s long career as an economist spanning academia, policymaking, and the finance industry.















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