About us

We are an independent economics advisory firm founded in 2009 following the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Our research team is led by Dr. John Llewellyn, former Head of International Forecasting and Chef de Cabinet at the OECD, and Global Chief Economist at Lehman Brothers; and Russell Jones, former Chief Economist and Global Head of FX Research in leading banks, including UBS, ADIA, and Westpac. 

We specialise in strategic top-down macroeconomic analysis and thought leadership. We focus on macroeconomics, technology, policy, and political issues. We use our depth of experience and broad expertise to provide early insight into key developments, turning points, risk, and implications for markets and economies.

We operate with a core team and a network of associates, recognised experts, and business partners who work with us project-by-project; and have strong connections with policymakers and decision makers.

Our distinguishing features
  • A broader and longer term perspective than typically offered by City economists.

  • Unbiased and uncorrelated research.

  • Strong connections with senior policymakers and decision makers.

  • Involvement of our senior people throughout all projects.

  • Experience in working constructively with in-house teams.

  • Communication in plain, clear English.

  • Total trust, discretion, and confidentiality.

Our philosophy
  • ​We use our experience 

  • We build long-term relationships.

  • We do not overburden our clients.

  • We listen to our clients, and deliver what they ask for.

  • We generally work on a retainer basis.

Our clients
  • We advise leading asset managers, governments, multinational corporates, and law firms.

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